I use an online appointment booking service that allows you to easily and conveniently place appointments. The system can email you reminders and appointment confirmations as well.

Easy How-To Instructions for the Online Web Appointment Service

Please note: If you have logged in before, once you click the link below, go to the upper right corner of the page and enter your user name and password before you get started.

Make an Online Appointment

1. Select the service you desire

• Relaxation massage – 60 minutes (for general relaxation and health maintenance appointments)
• Therapeutic massage – 60 minutes (for injury related appointments)
• Structural Integration – 90 minutes (for the 10 session SI protocol)

You can add on an extra 30 minutes to the relaxation and therapeutic massage appointments if you’d like an extended session. Structural integration sessions are only scheduled for 90 minutes.

2. Next, find the day and time you wish to make an appointment on the calendar grid.
Left click on general calendar on the left and the available appointments on that day will appear on the right. White spaces indicate appointment times available. Left click on the open space next to the time slot to choose the time.

Here are the standard start times (central time):

Monday, Thursday, and Friday:

• 10:00 AM CT
• 1:00 PM CT
• 3:00 PM CT
• 4:30 PM CT
• 6:00 PM CT


• 10:00 AM CT
• 1:00 PM CT
• 3:00 PM CT
• 5:00 PM CT
• 6:30 PM CT


• 10:00 AM CT
• 11:30 AM CT
• 2:00 PM CT
• 4:00 PM CT

3. If you have not made an appointment before through the online system, you will need to create a user name and password. You will receive an email with that information for your future logon information. Your name, email, and best phone are the only required fields.

4. Complete your contact information (if first time log on) and click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
Prior to hitting continue, you can add special notes here if you’d like. Once you hit continue, you can print out a reminder for yourself if you’d like.

Please note: I respect your privacy. Your contact information will remain confidential and is not available or visible to any other clients.

Make an Online Appointment

If you need any assistance booking, you can contact Kevin Dunn at 512-789-9998