Stressed and Tired? Five Easy Exercises You Can Do to Handle Stress and Boost Your Energy at Work

stressed out womanAre you experiencing stress at work? Do you work long demanding hours in an effort to try and keep up with the constant demands on your time? How often do you arrive early at work to try and catch-up from the previous day’s work, yet still struggle to find the time to meet deadlines and finish reports on time? Have you ever skipped lunch at work in an attempt to complete projects with over- tight deadlines?

As a Yoga Teacher, I see many students suffer from the physical effects of stress, for example, high blood pressure, tense shoulders, sore neck, low back pain, and poor posture and migraine headaches. Many students find relief from these stress-related aches and pains when they practice yoga.

On an emotional level, constant exposure to stress at work affects your personal relationships. When you come home from work, you may be short-tempered and ratty with your partner or children. You want to spend time listening to their day yet you are pre-occupied with thoughts about unfinished work matters and demands. If this continues, you may start to drift apart from your partner and lose touch with what is going on in your children’s day to day life. All of this adds to your stress!

Learning how to relax, let-go of stress and regain your perspective is vital to help you manage your home-work life successfully.

Many of the students I teach yoga say that practicing yoga has given them “inner strength”, a “sense of balance” and “inner peace.” This helps to enhance the quality of their personal relationships and stay focused and productive at work.

Five Easy Exercises You Can Do To Handle Stress And Boost Your Energy At Work

The practice of yoga, with its wider emphasis on correct breathing, body awareness and alignment techniques, positive thinking and relaxation techniques offer you easy ways to manage stress and boost your energy at work.

One: Sit comfortably on a chair, rest your hands on your thighs, uncross your ankles, place your feet apart flat on the floor and close your eyes. Breathe in slowly and deeply, through your nose, for a count of three and slowly breathe out for a count of three. As you breathe in and out be aware of the rise and fall of your abdomen. Repeat 5 -7 times. Slowly open your eyes and take time to re-engage with your day.

Two: Stand or sit in a comfortable position. Breathe in through your nose and shrug your shoulders up to your ears, slowly breathe out as you lower your shoulders. Repeat 5 – 7 times.

Three: Sitting in your chair, lower your head to your chest, breath in as you lift your head to look forward, and then breathe out as you lower your head backwards. Repeat 3 – 7 times.

Four: Keeping your head erect, turn your head to look to the right, back to the centre, then all the way to the left. Repeat 3-7 times each direction. Taking time to breathe slowly and deeply with each movement

Five: Finally, link your fingers together and stretch your arms high above your head. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply for 3 – 5 times. Lower arms. Repeat 3 – 5 times.

Next time you feel stressed, demoralized and tired at work, try these five easy stress relaxation techniques to calm your mind and release tension from your body. You will feel energized, re-focused and stress-free.

Ntathu Allen, Yoga Teacher, teaches professionals simple yga stretches and meditation to manage stress at work , improve creativity and strengthen relationships at work and at home. Contact Ntathu for your free monthly Yoga and Polarity Enewsletter – Healing for the Soul. Email phone: 07973 777 882

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