What to Expect on Your First Visit

your first massage visitIf you’re new to massage, you might not have a clear idea about what to expect. Here is some information to help you feel confident and ready for your relaxation experience. Whether your appointment is with Kevin or not, this will give you some good guidelines for nearly any professional massage situation.

At Kevin Dunn Massage, you will always be treated with compassion, respect, and care. When you arrive at the office, you will be greeted and then given an intake form. You will need to fill the form out completely so your therapist can be aware of and accommodate any special needs or limitations you have. If you can arrive a few minutes before your appointment is scheduled, that would be ideal.

Once you have answered some basic medical history questions, you will be escorted back into a private massage room, where you will discuss the immediate physical issues you are wanting help with and the type of massage you feel you are needing that day.

Once the therapist understands your preferences, they will leave you in the massage room momentarily to allow you time to disrobe and get comfortable on the massage table. A full body massage is done with draping, so your modesty will be respected. Now is the time you should begin breathing deeply and saying goodbye to your stress. Try to set your daily concerns aside as you turn your focus toward yourself.

The massage will begin with you covered by draping, in the face down position and the therapist will quietly knock on the door to ensure you are ready prior to reentering the room. If you are pregnant, the therapist may require the use of special elevation pillows or may work on you in a sideways laying position.

Once the massage begins, it will last 60-90 minutes, depending upon your requested session length. Most massage therapists will use either a non-staining lotion or professional massage oil to help their hands slide more easily over your skin. Approximately half way through the session, you will be asked to turn onto your back and you will so under the draping.

During the massage, if the room temperature needs adjustment, let your massage therapist know. If you need a lighter (or deeper) touch than you are experiencing, say so. The entire focus of the session is on your health and well being, from the gentle music and lighting, to the responsive actions and trained touch of the therapist. You can choose to talk or not and you may even fall asleep during your session. This is a common reaction to a relaxation experience and it is safe to do in this type of professional setting.

Once your massage has been completed, the massage therapist will again leave the room so you can get dressed. They will generally await your exit in the front office area so you can take your time a bit in getting your bearings. Don’t feel you need to hurry. Just be sure to be careful as you step down off the massage table and regain your normal balance.

You may be asked by the therapist to schedule your next visit. If you enjoyed the massage and intend to come again, it’s a smart idea to set another appointment, as good massage therapists are often booked days to weeks in advance. However, you are under no obligation to do so at this time.

Once you have settled your bill, you will be bid farewell with a smile and a thank you. Tipping is optional, although is often done. It is up to you on what you prefer to do and can do according to your circumstance.

Professional therapeutic massage is a non-sexual, holistic method of stress management through touch. An experienced massage therapist generally works on individuals of all ages and body types, so they approach their work professionally and platonically. Although they are not medical doctors and cannot offer you medical advice, professional massage therapists are highly trained to provide compassionate care with the intention of facilitating your good health.

If you have a medical condition that your massage therapist feels is best handled by you seeking more immediate medical care for, you will be told to consult with a registered physician. For certain injuries, your therapist may insist that you reschedule your appointment until you are healed. Please understand this is for your protection and wellness and to ensure that whatever massage is completed does not aggravate your condition.

Enjoy your relaxation experience

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